Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Last day of work

Husband has just left for Newbury for his last day of work. He's had to take his laptop, mobile and pass to hand in. Officially he is in work until the end of April but after today that's that. No more communication possible, so no 'little jobs' to be asked to do.

I asked him how he felt. 'Wonderful.'
'Doesn't it feel a little bit strange after all these years?'

He's worked incredibly hard all his life and has provided wonderfully for us, his family. He's reached the level he has through ability; he's never played golf with the boss. While he's given everything when he's in work, time with the family has always been precious and untouchable. He's worked to live not the other way round.

We got through his cancer scare twenty years ago and now we're looking forward to another twenty years - at least! - of enjoying life. We - the children and me - love him very much and hope his retirement is everything he wants it to be.

As for me, well, I have to carry on working. (Big 'aaaah', please.) Someone has to bring home the pennies ...


Dragonstar said...

Big 'aaaah' as requested ;)

All happiness to Husband in his new work-free life!

NitWit1 said...

Congratulations to hubby and his life attitude of not being married to a job, but married to his family. That is hard to balance, for both men and women.

Happy retirement. I bet George will enjoy the extra time....

Furtheron said...

Best wishes to your other half... loads of time to play with the chainsaw... lucky man!

Gene said...

Retirement is a wonderful new kind of life. Best wishes to you both. May you enjoy many happy years.

Rose said...

Congratulations to Hubby! I hope he enjoys his well-deserved rest. Perhaps he'll start doing the vacuuming and scrubbing while you're slaving away at work:)

stillers said...

Double thumbs up.

katney said...

Retirement can be wonderful. It took me a while to figure that out as I entered it rather abruptly, but I do definitely like it now.

Liz said...

Thanks all.

Work free life. dragonstar? I don't think so!

George will, nitwit.

Don't encourage him, furtheron!

THanks, genie.

I can live in hope, rose!

Indeed, Stillers.

Husband loves it, katney.