Monday, April 05, 2010

In bed this morning

Husband and I had a fascinating chat.

Did you know that it's actually a chain on a a chain-saw that does the cutting? Oh, you did. If I'd ever thought about how chain-saws work I'd have imagined it was the bladey-thing sort of zizzing. I didn't realise it was actually a chain.

'The clue is in the name,' Husband said. 'Like monkey wrench.'

(And, trust me, that was fascinating compared to Husband's usual chats about the weather. He is becoming - sorry, has been for a while - a weather nerd. Now he's retiring there'll be not stopping him.)


Devonshire Dumpling said...

Oh how ignorant you are Liz! Of course a chain (of a chainsaw) does the cutting. It’s exactly the same as a monkey (of a monkey wrench) that wrenches personal items away from people. Hoisting is done via a crab. A cat is part of a crane. A jack helps lift it. A mule helps run machinery and a donkey turns an engine… get many parts connected by a fish and a cock shuts off the flow of water, and don’t ever forget butterfly valves.

Your husband is simply teaching you engineering/mechanics. You probably need to buy him an a barometer, an exercise book to record his findings, a pair of binoculars and get him a flight in a hot air balloon so he can be up in the clouds. Bless his little heart! He’s found a new interest!

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

It's like the monkey in monkey wrench.... how ??
Perhaps he's more lucid in Michael Fish mode ?

nick said...

I had no idea monkeys used wrenches. The clever little things. Perhaps I could get one to do the plumbing, he'd be happy with a few bananas in return.