Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I was going to clean the bathroom yesterday ...

but the sun shone so we took George for a long walk instead. Younger Son had told me about Millwood, a forestry commission site just behind Oxwich Bay. I'd never heard of it so we set off to find it and explore.

It was easy to locate just on the edge of the Penrice estate grounds. in fact it used to be part of the estate and was the location for the local mill, which gives the wood its name.

We wanted to end up at the seaside so whenever a choice of paths arose we took the one Husband said would lead to the beach. I should have remembered that Husband was thrown out of the boy scouts.
Bearing in mind that Gower is a fairly narrow peninsular with water on three sides you'd think it would be easy to find the sea. But it was like climbing up a hill when you keep telling yourself, 'the next summit will be the top,' but it never is. 'The sea will be over the next ridge,' but it wasn't.
After we'd been walking for well over an hour this was the closest we got to the sea.
Getting back to the car was a similar story. 'It's just down this hill,' Husband said confidently.
'Hmm,' I said doubtfully.

Still we got to walk through pretty Penrice village with its postbox from the reign of the King George.

And eventually ended up back at the old mill.
I didn't regret not cleaning the bathroom one bit.


Leslie: said...

Oh what a lovely walk! Isn't it great when you discover something new (to you) in your own neck of the woods. :D

CalumCarr said...

Did you post Husband in the lovel postbox or try to jam him in the circular hole?

Furtheron said...

I think my Mother-in-Law is going to book a coach holiday to Mumbles... I can see why

Rose said...

You may not have found the sea, but what a beautiful place to walk! I love that last photo--George is so lucky to have you take him to so many gorgeous places. Poor Sophie has to be content with chasing rabbits across cornfields most of the time:)

MaryB said...

Wonderful post and pictures. Thanks for taking me along with you!

CherryPie said...

What a lovely walk that must have been.