Saturday, March 27, 2010

Lenten thanks 39

My baby is 25 today!

He's currently midway through a degree course and is aiming high and doing well. Like me he's willing to work hard at things he enjoys. Also like me, he tends to be easily distracted!

He's obviously gorgeous, as all my children are, and is funny and creative. He's quite quiet - except when he's drunk. (The good thing is that he's a very cheerful drunk!)

He's an inventive cook, reads a lot and knows more about Harry Potter than any person I know. We've come through some trying periods and emerged unscathed. It's taken him a while to find his way in life but he's on a good path now and has dreams that he's working towards. Like his brother he didn't rush into relationships but now seems to have found a like-minded spirit.

All in all, I think life for Younger Son at 25 is looking pretty good

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Rose said...

Happy Birthday to younger Son! My youngest Daughter is 24 today (Sunday) and has grown up so much in this past year--since she moved away. Isn't it wonderful when they finally find themselves? I know you're as proud a mother as I am, Liz.