Friday, February 05, 2010

Our visitors

Grand-daughter is coming to visit tomorrow!!

Along with Daughter and Son-in-law obviously. And we're delighted because Elder Son and Daughter-in-law are also coming for the weekend. the reason for the gathering is that it's Daughter's 30th birthday next Tuesday. (I can't believe she is thirty. There must have been an accounting error. I can't possibly have a 30-year-old daughter.)

So I've been out to buy a bath, nappies and doggy treats - we can't have George and Holly Dog feeling left out by the celebrations - and I am suitably excited.

When our children were babies the only decision we had to make when buying a bath was what colour we wanted; it's not that simple today as I realised after I'd spent 40 minutes perusing the selection. As well as the choice of styles there's a whole range of different options. I settled for ... a bath. And a bath thermometer and big soft wrap. Well, it'll come in useful for all our grand-babies whenever they arrive.

And today, when I was in work, Pat, one of the quilters meeting downstairs popped up to give me a hand-made cot quilt!

Quilters are a lovely bunch (apart from the one or two awkward ones I've met through work)! Katney, my blogging quilting friend in America, sent a quilt over for Baby and now I have another. Daughter can take one back home with her and I'll keep one here.

And to round off my day today, I'm going to play bingo! I'm going with two young - in their twenties - friends so I'm hoping they'll be able to keep up with the action and shout loudly when we win - as we inevitably will!!!!

Must remember to take my glasses, must remember to take my glasses, must ...


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

(There must have been an accounting error. I can't possibly have a 30-year-old daughter.)

This is the funniest thing I have read today....I said words very similar to those today!!

My eldest son has a birthday coming up very soon, and I said "How the Hell have I got a son of that age"?? It is not possible.. Ha Ha My son will be older than 30!!

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

I remember my mother looking at me in astonishment on my 50th birthday , probably wondering what I'd done with the daughter that she still had in her head !
Bingo !! Played it today with the pre-schoolers ..... hope you don't show the same disregard for the rules as they do . Especially try not to hit your neighbour on the head with your board and yell Bingo! before it's even begun .

Leslie: said...

I know what you mean - my youngest will reach 30 in May! How could that possibly be?

Have fun at Bingo - gosh, I haven't played that for eons!

sally in norfolk said...

hand made quilts so much nicer than shop bought ones.... in another life i used to make quilts but now would never find the time.

enjoy your weekend :-)

NitWit1 said...

What a great time you will have!

Hand-made quilts are the most prized possession by some American women as well. We have a lot of quilters in my area of Arkansas which is know for home crafts.

I'm so glad you included the dogs in your celebrations. Luckie tells George to enjoy.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Oh goody, that means a photo of the loved grandchild, yes? Handmade quilts are quite beautiful. My daughter used to make them before she went back to work. Have a wonderful time with your family, Liz.

Suburbia said...

Sounds a fun and exciting weekend ahead.

CherryPie said...

What a lovely family gathering that will be :-)

katney said...

My middle daughter was 37 yesterday. I still have a child who is not thirty yet, but not for long.

A person cannot have too many quilts! That is a verified fact of life. And quilters are definitely special people. (Except for those--oh, some of us quilters call them the quilt police.)

Lee said...

Hi Liz...long time no see! It's good to be back! I have no excuses for being so slack! ;)

Furtheron said...

Same accountant that has me with a son that'll be 20 this year!

BTW - can't believe we won on Sat given recent history... case of Wales not on song at all and somehow England finally playing with some shape and commitment.