Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lenten thanks 11

Belatedly, my gratitude for yesterday is for the GX volunteers who came to the tea dance and made it the success it was. (We had a great time and I do so want to start dancing again!)

We have nine GX volunteers in Swansea. The scheme is a joint VSO/British Council initiative and involves volunteers from Britain and a third world country working together for 3 months at a time in Britain and the third world country. This year the overseas volunteers are from Zambia. The volunteers live with host families and in this country get £15 a week and in Zambia £3.

It was lovely to have them with us last night and two of them taught us a Zambian dance.

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Lia said...

Oh wow! sounds like it was fun.
Isn't it great having other people from a round the World showing us all different cultures and ways.
Much love