Thursday, January 28, 2010

Visions and dreams

On Tuesday the guys in Zac's were asked what their dreams or visions for themselves or Zac's were . Some wonderful things were said about Zac's: encouraging, welcoming, supportive, non-judgemental (probably the most important one and one that most churches, even though they may try very hard, fail to achieve).

But my favourite comment of the night came from Gerry, our homeless alcoholic. He said, 'I comes here every Tuesday. I loses the chip on my shoulder.'

He gets his words and phrases mixed up sometimes - he often says correspond when he means communicate - so from that and from the other things he said, I took this to mean that, at Zac's, he is treated like an equal. And given respect - one of his favourite words.

And, what's more, he's into the third week of trying to cut down his drinking.

1 comment:

Lia said...

Good to hear that Gerry is doing well.
My fingers are firmly crossed for him.
Sounds like Zac's is doing him some good and some times all people need is some one to believe in them.
Zac's might be the first time anyone has ever believed in him.
It's nice to know it there. (Zac's that is)
Much love