Friday, January 15, 2010

Thanks, Lia!

Pea and ham soup.

And very nice it was too. And so simple to make. We enjoyed ours for dinner last night and I took a flaskful to hospital for my uncle. I hope he ate it as he's not been eating much since his op. He says he just doesn't feel like it but he's a tall, well-built man and will need his energy if he's to cope with his new knee.

Apparently they cut away the femur and tibia (is that the right one?) ones and put in a large stainless steel mechanism. But then they put his own kneecap back in because it was okay. I don't know how that works but it all sounds very gruesome. I was rather proud of myself in the hospital when Uncle was telling me - in great detail - about his op; I didn't even feel queasy, quite an achievement for me.

He's being assessed today. If he passes he'll be allowed home this weekend. One of 'widows' from Nottingham is coming down to look after him.


Lia said...

Oh wow!
Glad you liked it, it is really a friends recipe, but my boys like it and as it is an old fashioned recipe I thought your uncle might like it.

Does sound rather a gruesome op. Lucky he wasn't telling me or I would have needed to hospital ed next to him. Isn't it funny how men can never remember the details of things, but can always remember the most gruesome ones when it comes to story telling.
Sounds like he will be well looked after!!!!
Much love

CherryPie said...

The soup looks delicious :-)

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