Thursday, January 21, 2010

I'm a proper granny

Last week I bought myself a new cardie. I was meant to be looking for a birthday present for someone but got distracted by its lovely purple colour and when I felt it ... well, it was a done deal. It is so unbelievably soft and cuddly. I've worn it almost non-stop since.

Last night, getting ready for bed, I said to Husband, 'Feel this (no, my cardie I mean). Isn't it soft?'
'Mm,' he said, 'and sicky.'

Yay, I'm a proper granny: I have baby-sick on my cardie!


CalumCarr said...

C'mon Liz. He didn't say, "Mm, and sicky", did he?

What did he really say?

Liz said...

No, he did!

nick said...

You must be a fully authentic granny if your reaction is just "I have baby-sick on my cardie" rather than "Oh no, my brand-new cardie is ruined". So was she attracted by the purple or she just let rip?

Leslie: said...

Well, you're no longer a "virgin granny" - lol

Rose said...

Looks like you have been properly initiated, Liz! Is Granddaughter really 8 weeks already?? It seems like only a few weeks ago that she was born.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Wouldn't you rather be an improper granny? More fun, I reckon.

Lia said...

Well you are certainly getting into Granny mode.
How long before you wear red and purple
much love

Liz said...

nICK, BABY SICK WASHES OUT! (Whoops!) It was just an overenthusiastic burp.

No, I'm initiated now, leslie.

I know, rose. Time is already going so quickly.

There are those who would suggest that i am an improper granny, puss!

Funny you should say that, lia ...

jay said...

Ah yes .. every proper granny has baby sick on her clothes! And wet wipes in her handbag. ;)

Now I need to see that cardi. Purple and snuggly soft sounds right up my alley.