Sunday, January 10, 2010

Flipping heck!

What an old misery! I got a bit carried away with my last post, sorry!

Anyway let me tell you about the ward my uncle is in. It is single sex and it's just as well judging by the man in the bed next to Uncle. He was lying there this afternoon in a shortie dressing-gown, fallen open to reveal ... boxer shorts (but I don't think he'd have cared if he hadn't been wearing any).

And now Uncle has phoned to ask if we can get him some shorts as he won't be able to wear pyjamas after his op. I shall make sure I get generously-cut long shorts!

Husband isn't sure if I can be trusted to go and buy them. When Husband was in hospital for weeks at a time having chemotherapy I thought he needed some new pyjamas. Nice bright yellow ones. 'To cheer you and everyone up!' I explained as he opened them.

It was years later he told me he hated them ...


Anonymous said...

men dont like pyjamas at all - you should have bought him a Borat style thong - then he would have laughed....

Dragonstar said...

How sweet that he never let on...

Leslie: said...

I don't think Lorne has ever worn pj's since he was a kid, but if he ever has to go into the hospital, that will be the last thing on his mind. He is terrified of those places and I know what a trial it was for him to visit me every day when I was in last year. But I do think jammies are nice to cuddle up to...

Lia said...

Francis (with an i) once got flashed at by an 80yr old woman, when we were working in a elderly peoples home. Poor lamb he was only 18, but she took a huge shine to him and was convinced that he was her husband when they were younger. Was very funny mind as she kept doing it to him.
Much love

CherryPie said...

In such circumstances I think men like something a bit understated so that they don't get noticed. It is so cute your husband didn't let on at the time :-)

Rose said...

So glad your uncle is doing well. And be thankful his roommate was wearing boxers--I'll never forget the time I was visiting my grandfather in the hospital and had to pass by another room where the patient wasn't wearing any! Now I keep my eyes averted in hospital hallways:)

Liz said...

THis was pre-Borat days, mutley, otherwise ...

Indeed, dragonstar.

Husband generates his own heat, leslie, and warms my half of the bed.

Great story, lia!

I'm sure that was his thinking, cherrypie, while I was so convinced it would cheer him up!

Probably good advice, rose!

Jay said...

Sending many good wishes to your uncle for the op to go well and for a speedy recovery too.

The story about your poor husband and the yellow PJs is funny .. especially as mine would have loved them! LOL!

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