Saturday, December 19, 2009

On the border

After I heard on the radio that Borders closes its doors on Tuesday I thought I'd better pay a visit. I went along at about 5, thinking it would be quiet: it was packed.

It was very sad and felt wrong, rather like rummaging through the belongings of a dead relative, looking for anything worth keeping. That didn't stop me doing it though.

I did quite well until I reached the children's section. There I stocked up on books for Grand-Daughter's library. Mostly poetry ranging from A.A. Milne to Roger McGough, T.S. Eliot to Carol Ann Duffy.

By the time I reached checkout my basket was over-flowing but I wasn't worried as the signs promised me 80% off.

I really should have read the signs better. What they actually said was 'Up to 80% off'.

Still money spent on books is an investment. Isn't it?

From Borders I carried on to Tesco where I engaged in a slanging match with the Self-Service checkout. The machine told me to, 'Place scanned item on tray (or whatever they call it).'
'I have done.'
'Place scanned item on tray.'
'I have done, you stupid machine.'
'Place scanned item on tray.'
'Look, it's there! Just because it's so light you can't register it doesn't mean I haven't put it there.'

And being a machine it doesn't lose its temper and maintains a calm voice. Unlike me.

I'm going to bed now.


Leslie: said...

So...if it doesn't register any weight, do you get it free? hah

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

This is very sad indeed, I loved going to borders, not just for books, but cards and gifts too!

I went the other day, and it was quiet, not that it didn't have people in, it was quiet full, but there seemed to be no noise.. :-(

jay said...

I so wanted to get down to the Borders sale, but the roads were too bad to travel unnecessarily. Poor old Borders - and poor old us. One bookshop less, and it was a great one!

CherryPie said...

It is a shame about borders, I loved the Birmingham store and could spend ages in there.

CalumCarr said...

Yes, poor Borders but bloody Tesco and their bloody self-service checkouts that speak to you as though you are a plonker.

MissKris said...

Don't you just love this automated world we live in?!

sally in norfolk said...

If they are so bad everyone should stop using the self service check outs at tesco then they may with draw them :-) I never use them not even when told too as I too hate them :-)

Starnitesky said...

I visited Borders last week, I am very sad they are closing, I loved browsing (and buying books).

I have had problems with those check outs in Tesco, not much fun are they?

Furtheron said...

Self service tills!!! I hate them.

For a start - why the hell should I have to do this myself? It's mad we are to the point of nobody working anywhere and you do it all.

B&Qs are the worst they never work for me and always the lone person dashing between all the self service tills has to help me.

Rose said...

A locally owned bookstore--a favorite in this area--closed its doors a year ago. I went during its last week open to snag some bargain books, but it was so sad to see the empty shelves and debris left by shoppers. The lines were so long for check-out that I wound up going home empty-handed. Glad you found some good books for Granddaughter's library. Money spent on books is never wasted! And you can't start too soon reading to a child.

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