Saturday, November 14, 2009

Home again

In fact I've been home since Thursday evening but I've been too busy to blog. (Too busy to blog? Is that possible?!)I had a lovely few days with Daughter including a trip to the midwife when I heard Baby's heartbeat! The rest of the time I started my Christmas shopping, had a head massage and walked Holly Dog - we had some great adventures in the grounds of the National Trust's Killerton House.

I've discovered I have one leg shorter than the other. It's probably because of circuit training: Jules forgets to tell us we're halfway through and should change legs so, because I always start with the same leg, one of my legs gets exercised more than the other. Hence one is, if not shorter, then certainly stronger.

Which is why I am so good at walking round in circles.

'I'm sure we've seen that tree before, Holly.'

'Isn't that the same tree we just saw?'

'Now this is just getting silly, Holly ...'

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Leslie: said...

Isn't that the same problem the little haggis men have 'cuz of running up the hills all the time? *wink* *wink*