Sunday, October 25, 2009

No names yet

Less than four weeks to go until Baby's due date and the important question of names has not yet been resolved. Am I going to be called grandma or granny? Or even Ga-Ga, which strikes me as singularly appropriate but hopefully not prophetic.

I'm grandma to Holly Dog so will it be more or less confusing if I'm grandma to Baby too? Ditto granny.

Time is running out; these decisions have to be made.

Perhaps we'll just wait and see what I get called. I don't mind at all - as long as it's not interfering old bag.


Linda - Gold Coast said...

Less of the old Liz, you're still a young pup. How exciting, a new little one to love. Do you know if it is a girl or boy or just a wonderful surprise? I am Grandma and DH is Poppy♥♥ There is always Nan or Nanna. It's music to your ears when your grandchild says whatever name you decide upon♥ Linda xoxo

Anonymous said...

rofl @ Ga-Ga thats what DD used to call my Dad :0)

katney said...

Oldest daughter was determined that we would be called Nana and Papa by her kids.

We didn't object or encourage it either way. But it didn't happen.

They call us Grandma and Grandpa.

Leslie: said...

My former in-laws insisted on being called "Grandmother and Grandfather'" - what a mouthful for little ones. Please don't do that!

Liz said...

I can't wait, Linda! I really am counting down the days now ...

It's a good name, hippymama!

WE won't mind whatever, katney.

Oh gosh no, leslie! Did the little ones manage it?

MissKris said...

My son and d-i-l were hoping I'd allow myself to be called "Memaw". GAG! No way. I call myself "Grandma" and everyone else but my two grandsons call me that, too. I'm Mommy to Dylan and "Mama" to Cooper. I guess that comes from being their main caretaker 55 hours per week! If they ever do get around to calling me Grandma it's going to sound really weird to me. Luckily, my d-i-l and I are rarely together with the kids because it gets totally confusing when the boys start saying "Mommy" or "Mama" and we both answer, ha! Dear Hubby is "Papa" and he LOVES that. What's your Dear Hubby going to be called, or is that still up in the air as well?

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