Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The monsoon season has started

Sue and Ric gave me this beautiful cyclamen as a thank you for Ric's cake last week - which is a bit of bonus actually as I would have made a cake for Zac's anyway: it was only the decorating that made it extra! Thank you, Sue and Ric!


Gledwood said...

I love those flowers...

... what I love most of all ~ and never knew the name to call them: I think they are called pompom dhalias or something... variegated origami entertainments of roundness... exceedingly funky things ...

Gledwood said...

ps I saw a doggie just like George who's called Hugo in a Slavic Republic...


the last picture is particularly entertaining ~ Hugo doing that doggie-smile only dogs can do ...

James Higham said...


Anonymous said...

lovely :0)

A. xx

CherryPie said...

It is very pretty :-)

Anonymous said...

DD was thrilled with your comment on FB, thankyou :0)


Linda - Gold Coast said...

Lovely plant. I take it from your heading the rains and winds have started? Please can you send some rain our way♥

Gill - That British Woman said...

I too love those flowers, but find them hard to keep alive for some reason?

Gill in Canada, popped by vis Lindsay's blog

Liz said...

I know the things you mean, gledwood. they look unreal so they're so perfect.

It was very wet, james!

It is, A and cherrypie.

Linda, you are welcome to the rain. We've had more than our share this summer!

Hi Gill. They are known to be difficult to look after - I shall leave mine to husband's care as I have the touch of death to house plants.

Suburbia said...

Lovely :)

Though, by the title I thought your post was going to be about all the rain that fell yesterday?!! Don't tell me you didn't have any because I know where you live!!!!!

So give me a clue to the title? Have I missed something?

Liz said...

No, suburbia, it was just a reference to the rain. Nothing deep and meaningful!

Dragonstar said...

I love cyclamens, and they come in so many great colours. Very nice gift.

jay said...

I love cyclamens too! One of the few plants I can keep, actually, since they thrive on neglect. Most people overwater, apparently, me, I tend to forget to water mine, so cyclamen do OK. I can't keep them to flower again though. :(

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