Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mission accomplished

Elder Son and Daughter-in-law are successfully installed in their new - first - house. It's a lovely little mid-19th century cottage in a pleasant location with lots of green fields nearby. At the end of their road is a shop that deals in and restores violins, violas, cellos and bows; two streets away is a garage selling Maseratis and Ferraris - and they leave them out on the forecourt! Swansea it isn't.

And speaking of cars, we saw a car with the number-plate LIE XX. Now, would you trust a man - it must be a man - who chose that number-plate?

I asked Husband what sort of car it was and, even as I was asking, I noticed the DB9 writing on the boot. 'If it's a DB, it must be an Aston Martin,' I thought. Husband concurred. I must be watching way too much Top Gear. (Although it's hard not to as it's on every hour of every day.)


nick said...

I'm terrible with makes of car, I couldn't care less. I usually describe a car I've seen by its colour, its size (a gas-guzzler) or its occupancy (only one person, typical).

Ole Phat Stu said...

So, did you get a chance to visit the USA as I suggested?

Liz said...

A car drove into my car once when i was going ito the car park at work (many years ago) and didn't stop. When I told the men in work they asked what car it was and I said, 'A blue one.'

No, stu, we were a bit busy! Maybe next time. there are lots of interesting places to visit.

Leslie: said...

I've seen "Top Gear" - it's on BBC Canada...great fun.

CherryPie said...

Great news about the successful move :-)

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