Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A lost cause

I made Jude's biscuits to take in to Zac's last night - yes, I know they don't look like biscuits but that's because I haven't made them for a long time and I couldn't remember what size tin I had measurements for and I also didn't know how big a cup was. I know how big an American cup is but I don't think this was that sort of cup.

So we had Jude's cakes last night.

They're named after the person who gave me the recipe and should not be confused with St Jude's biscuits (if such a thing exists). My cooking is sometimes dodgy but it's rare that it's a totally lost cause. (In case you don't know, Jude is the patron saint of lost causes.)

My uncle and aunt called their house St Jude's. They had a son who was, what was called in those days, spastic. Auntie Audrey was a devout Roman Catholic and they made several pilgrimages to Lourdes with Huw. It always seemed sad that they should name their house thus.


Anna said...

Nom nom! please post me some leftovers.

Anonymous said...

can you add spinach and send me some!!!

your comment really made me laugh, thanks :0)

Liz said...

Leftovers?! You must be joking.

Certainly, hippymama!

Anna said...

Those Greedy god squadders!

Liz said...

Dad you mean!

Furtheron said...

I just write a post about my new diet and come here... you are a temptress woman posting such pictures on the internet there should be some kind of warning on your site about the content you put up... :-)

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