Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Just a regular Tuesday at Zac's

Sean is currently on his way to Australia. Even as I type he's probably somewhere over Africa or wherever the plane goes. He's off for three weeks, meeting up with God Squad bikers and speaking in a variety of churches and events, and he's left the running of Tuesday night Tribal Gatherings at Zac's Place to a group of regulars.

Well, Sean, if you're reading this, after last night I can say you have nothing to worry about. It was a perfectly normal Tuesday night, quiet, nothing happening, all fine and dandy.

Apart from the extremes of an inebriated turbanned Elvis impersonator and a homeless lad who'd been banned from contacting his girlfriend and baby son, with a bit of psalm-writing in between, it was just a normal night.

Those who were happy to read their psalms aloud at the end shared honestly the pain, confusion, thankfulness and humour that make up a typical Tuesday session at Zac's.

So have a great time, Sean, give all our love to Ros and Glenn, and don't worry: the fireman said you won't be able to tell that anything ever happened in a few weeks' time ...


Furtheron said...

funny... my regular AA meeting was last night and one of our stelwarts is away in New Zealand on a 6 week tour. Another "officer" called me that he'd had a car crash and was stuck in London sorting that all out and could I get the milk for the tea. Another called saying her Dad-in-Law was ill and she had to go... so I expected a quiet meeting no more than a few around the table.... I had to fill 3 kettles up! We had nearly 30 - never had that many in the room! Great meeting apart from the drunk new comer telling us repeatedly we were all great and he wished he'd get it and a couple of teary moments for people struggling in their lives... as you say - same old same old... !

katney said...

Leave them wondering, don't you, Liz?

stillers said...

ha ha!! Hope you have a great time tonight as well - love to all. All ok here - first leg gone very well. Big night for me in Melbourne tomorrow at St. Martin's then head north - with glenn and ros at w/e.

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