Tuesday, October 06, 2009

George and I hide in the woods

As we were on our way back from our walk today, just coming up from the river, George spotted a dog and went belting off. I couldn't see where he went but I could hear a little dog yapping and a lady shouting ferociously. I couldn't tell if she was shouting at her dog, George or me as the irresponsible owner. When George came back I put him on his lead and decided that she sounded like the sort of person who would shout at me too so we hid in the bushes until she'd gone. Do you like the way I've deliberately drawn my boots out of line with my head and facing the other direction? Don't you wish you could draw like me?


Lia said...

George is going to get you into serious trouble one day.
I love your drawings, they make me laugh.
much love

Leslie: said...

LOVE it! I probably would have done the same thing - hide, that is. lol

Suburbia said...

Love your drawing :)

Sent you an e mail invite to my blog, but won't be private for long. Hope all is well with you.

Anonymous said...

I love your drawings!! you should keep them, laminate them (spoken like a true home eduating mum!!) and make a book for baby.My Dad used make flick books for me I loved them, and my Grandad would tell me stories and illustrate them as he went along :0)

CherryPie said...

I wish I could hide like you ;-)

nick said...

Fabulous drawing, I could just see it on an offbeat birthday card, in my High Street card shop. Could there be a new vocation for you here?

Liz said...

Thank you, Lia. Oh, he is.

If in doubt, hide, that's my advice, leslie.

Thanks, sub.

That's a good idea, hippy mama. Making up stories for Baby. I've thrown the originals away but I have them on my blog. It could be the wonderful adventures of george.

Anyone can hide like me, cherrypie! All it takes is a bush.

I'm always on the lookout for my true vocation, nick!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Yes, I wish I could draw like you - or anybody!

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