Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Broadcasting to the world - or Swansea at least

You know when you get what seems like a good idea and, full of enthusiasm, you act on it, and some time later you get a result? Well, that's happened to me. Again.

I contacted the local radio station to see if they could do something with the psalm the prisoners wrote a few weeks ago. This Sunday I'm going to the station, at 7.30 am, to talk about and read it.

Two thoughts spring to mind:
on Saturday I'm cooking chilli for 50 for a friend's 40th birthday party so I could be a little tired come Sunday morning;
the last time I appeared on the media (live national breakfast television, I'll have you know) I sounded like an idiot as I spoke very slowly to make sure I ... didn't ... get ... my ... words ... muddled.

I can sleep for the rest of the day if needs be;
I can be assured that nobody listens to local radio at 7.30 on a Sunday morning.

So that's fine then.