Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Beads, baths and bits

Back in spring of 2006 we had a new bathroom fitted including a bath with a separate shower attachment. Probably about one year later a problem developed: instead of it being either the shower or the taps that ran, they both ran together at reduced force. 'We ought to call the plumber back to sort this out,' we said.

So this summer, after we'd put up with this for about eighteen months - well, it wasn't a big problem - we called the plumber.

He came and took it all apart and said the seals had gone on the tap fitting and that we should take it back to the shop. We did so and they sent it off to the makers, Jacuzzi. While we were on holiday a latter arrived from Jacuzzi saying the parts were out of stock but should be in the week commencing 5th October i.e. this week.

Last Saturday we had another letter saying there was a problem and the parts were not yet in but that we would be treated as 'high priority' when they did arrive.

Now that's all well and good except at the end of this week our plumber is going travelling for six months. And we're without a bath.

That's what happens when:
a) you're apathetic;
b) you have a bead-wearing, Beetle-loving, surfer for a plumber.

P.S. He's given us the details for the plumber who's taking over for him.


Anonymous said...

can I have the number of the bead wearing plumber ;0)

A. xx

nick said...

Surely if he's the same plumber who fitted the new bath, he (or his deputy) should be sorting out the replacement tap/valve and not you? And it shouldn't fail after a year. But if the replacement is up to you, I would get a different make altogether.

Lia said...

We have a similar bathroom problem and I think our plumbers are related, as ours went to OZ for a 3week holiday and 18months later is still there.
We have to fill the bath from the sink with a shower attachment, drive me mad, it wouldn't be so much of a problem if we had a shower, but hindsight is a wonderful thing.
Plumbers, can't live with them, can't get hot water without them.
Here's hoping we both get our bathrooms back to normal soon.
Much love

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