Monday, September 28, 2009

Happy blogiversary to Finding life hard?

I've just realised it's my 4th blogiversary today!

(To be honest I wouldn't have noticed if Blogger hadn't put a slice of celebratory cake on my dashboard for me.)

Four years of ramblings on an almost daily - or sometimes more frequent - basis. Thank you to all who visit regularly or occasionally. I would write even if you didn't but knowing that someone is reading my words makes it much more pleasurable. And thank you to those who comment, again, regularly or occasionally.

A while ago I was discussing with Chris the way it is possible in our society to live a virtual life. Chris suggested that in this world where communication has never been easier, we are getting more and more out of touch with each other. 'In a meaningful way,' that is. i disagreed. Many of the friends I've made through blogging are very real to me: I've met people from Sicily and Canada - and even England! - through blogging. Even amongst those I haven't met there are many I consider as real friends. No, I may not be able to give them a real hug but I believe we can through our ways of communicating let others know we care for them.

Blogging or facebooking can't and shouldn't take the place of face-to-face communication but they are both still valid and worthwhile methods. I had loads of lovely messages when Harvey died and, more recently, lots of you sent birthday greetings to George. (I must tell you about my conversation with a hermit too.) We bloggers come to feel a part of each other's lives I do believe.

So here's to the next four years!


Morning Glories in Round Rock said...

A very happy blogiversary to you! Four years is quite an achievement, and I look forward to many more years to come!

nick said...

Happy Blogiversary! As you say, you can meet so many interesting people through blogs. I have regular visitors from all round the world. And talking of blogging, did you know its Blog Action Day on Thursday October 15? This year's theme is climate change and at least 2100 blogs in 101 countries are taking part. See

Anonymous said...

Happy bloggyday! I started on the 26th August '06 but it has been very disjointed. Quite something to have done it all on one site.
You can hug this old ruin anytime.

Rose said...

Congratulations, Liz! I didn't realize you had been blogging this long. This is quite an achievement, especially since you manage to come up with an interesting post every time! I agree that virtual friendship is not quite the same and I hope will never replace face to face personal contact. But I have been amazed since I've been blogging at the wonderful friendships I've made. My goal is to one day meet every one of my blogging friends in person! About 10 down and 50 more to go:)

Sorry about the midge bites, even though I'm not sure what midges are. But after seeing some of your vacation photos, I'm sure they were worth it:) Looks like you had a great time!

CherryPie said...

Happy Birthday and congratulations :-)

Linda - Gold Coast said...

Happy blogiversary Liz and looking forward to the next 4! Linda xoxo

Trubes said...

Happy Blogversary Liz.
I totally agree with your views on making friends via Blogging.
My blogging has been a lifeline to me and I really do care for my friends. Sometimes, when I'm not able to get out and about because of my RA, I just sit down and have a good read and frequently, a good chuckle at my blogging friends ' daily 'doings'.
Glad you enjoyed Corsica, It is on my list of places to visit, I am a real Francophile.
Have you been reading 'Anne from Oxfordshire's' recent posts about her trip to Paris?
Marvellous stuff!
I bet George was pleased to see you both when you returned home.


Furtheron said...

happy blogversary

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Sorry I missed your Blogaversary..4 years..woohoo keep it have lots of interesting tales to tell!!