Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Many years ago, before children, - actually before marriage - I used to give a friend a lift to work. He swore I had Sucker tattooed on my forehead because other drivers always chose to pull out in front of me.

I am more convinced than ever that he was right. I have been known to take incredibly complex and long routes to get from A to B simply to avoid ladies with clipboards, Big Issue sellers (I have already bought a copy but will feel guilty just walking past and will buy another one), men with shaven heads and beatific smiles, smelling of incense, and young people in brightly-coloured t-shirts with a name badge.

I was too slow today and got caught by one of the latter.
'Do you know how old the youngest carer in Britain is?'
'Um, no, six maybe?'
'No, three and she cleared up her father's vomit every day until he died when she tucked him in bed and sat with him for three days.'
'Oh dear.'

I should have stopped her before she got started. Having listened to her very intent and committed spiel I felt even more guilty at saying no because I'd wasted her time.

I know it's a worthwhile cause but so are they all. But:
a) we each have favourite charities that we support and we can't all support every one;
b) Husband would kill me if I signed up to give to anyone else.
'No, he wouldn't! He married you because you're a charitable person. I could see that; that's why I chose you to stop and ask.'

You've got to hand it to the charities: they train their marketeers well.

I didn't like to tell her he married me because of my sexy bottom.


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

I know that there is not very good things happening to people, ie the story about the little 3 year old, but I feel no guilt saying no, and I don't feel guilty if she/he has done there spiel..especially if I have said sorry I cannot stop or i cannot give...

I give to who I want to give to, and I never give to those that stop me in the street or by phone....but I do give if it is just a charity box, outside my little shop.

Your EG Tour Guide said...

Yes, they DO train their workers well. I feel so MEAN after saying no to certain charities but there really are only so many you can give to.

Leslie: said...

I feel the same way, but your final sentence made me laugh out loud!

Lia said...

Well after your post about your boobs a couple of days ago, I assumed that was what he married you for!!!!!

Giving is a personal choice and I hate that they all want my money,if only we could help them all. I speak enough Spanish to say that I don't speak English and that I don't have the time as i have a meeting to attend,never got caught out yet lol, if we ever met I will teach you how to say it.

Much love
Lia xx

jmb said...

It's a dilemma and I am a bit of a sucker too. Still I am getting better at saying, sorry that is not one of the charities I support but I feel bad all day.

Of course he did.

Liz said...

I know, anne, I hate being pestered especially at home.

You're right, EG.

Good, leslie!

A combination of both, lia! You will have to teach me!

I know, jmb. THe story of that child will stay with me for days.

Suburbia said...

I think you should have told her, just to see what her marketing trained response would have been!

As you say, we all have our own charities, it's tempting, but we can't do it all.

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