Monday, August 31, 2009

People in church who scare me

I was thinking about it in the car the other day and when I mentioned it on Facebook people started asking me if they were on the list. Perhaps 'scare' is the wrong word; maybe 'intimidate' is better.

Top of the list comes Couple A. They are sooo worthy and practically perfect. Next is Woman B. She's told me off and I've seen her tell off others: scary. (And she's not my boss by the way.)

The rest are all on a level: Woman C doesn't like me; Man D is far too certain of himself; Woman E is too changeable and blunt; Woman F shouldn't scare me but still does.

I think that's about it. Not too long a list really. Interesting that the majority are women but women can be pretty terrifying.


jay said...

I know exactly what you mean, luv.

Some women are seriously intimidated, especially if they are 'worthy'. They make me feel so inadequate.

sally in norfolk said...

I so agree with " but women can be pretty terrifying."

katney said...

Women can be that way. I don't know that there is anyone at church that intimidates me, but there are two that I have a special ring tone for. If I hear that ring tone I let it go to voice mail because I want to know what they want to talk about so I can prepare myself.

NitWit1 said...

Since I had a career most of my life I've had men and women superiors. I'll take a man any day. Further I don't think I want a woman as president either. PMS might set in and she'd hit the red button to start nuclear war.

Furtheron said...

just a thought...

they scare you only cos you let them... you are fearful of what they might say/do to you.

My suggestion - work on each of them for a month or so in turn trying hard to weed out the negative thoughts... What is the worst they can say or do? You may find they stop scaring you in the end or rather you stop being afraid of them... why feel inadequate you do what you do and do it well, with pride of the right kind

Bengbeng said...

as for me, i refuse to be intimidated by anybody. just an attitude of mine. in a similar situation, i just ignore n walk away

Liz said...

THanks, all. I'm fine really: I just avoid these people whenever i can! And they're all wonderful people who, I'm sure, would be shocked to think they scared anybody!

That's a clever idea, katney! I didn't know you could match ring tones to people!

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