Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Welshcake's Chicken

Saw this recipe on Welshcake's blog today and gave it a try for dinner tonight.

I used passata and chilli instead of making my own tomato sauce (as Pat does) and could have done with a bit more chilli. Also cooking it for 50 minutes left the chicken a bit overcooked so maybe my bite-sizes were too small. I liked the addition of the jar of roasted peppers though.

But you see, even with a Sicilio-Welsh recipe I can't get away from the British idea of meat and two veg dinners.


CherryPie said...

It looks delicious, and yes you have Britified it :-)

jay said...

A British dinner is not complete without the veg is it? LOL! I love broccoli!

Lia said...

That looks like a very tasty dish, I shall be having ago at this myself.
I am always on the look out for some thing different for dinner.
You can never have enough veg with your dinner.

By the way try my blog again, I was given a little pointer by a blog buddy and I removed the music and others are saying it is better now. Would love to know if it is better for you now.

Much love,
Lia xx

Devonshire Dumpling said...

Oh you really have anglicised it! It', lol

Ellee Seymour said...

This is a good one for Come Dine With Me.

James Higham said...

That looks superb.

Liz said...

It was nice, cherrypie.

And broccoli is so good for you, jay!

I'll pop over after I'd made these comments, lia.

In my defence, we did have tagliatelle with it, DD!

THanks, ellee and James.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

I am honoured!

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