Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Nice hair, shame about the ...

I was standing next to the counter in Zac's last night when Steve walked past. He said, 'You've had your hair done, Liz,' before continuing to the kitchen where he turned around and came straight back. 'It looks nice,' he said, proudly adding, 'I'm on lesson 2 in the Smooth Operator's Handbook: it's not enough to notice; you have to say it looks nice too.'

I'll have to get that book for Husband although, to be fair, he did say my hair looked nice. Although he would have got more brownie points if he'd looked at my hair before saying it.

* * * * * * * *

I am under instructions to take Betty Beetle next week. She's not been out since her right indicators stopped doing what they're supposed to do and my arm gets wet in the rain. The boys are bringing their meters and are going to sort her out for me. I knew there had to be some benefit from hanging around with bikers. (But nobody's offered me a ride on a Harley yet.)

* * * * * * * *

My apple surprise cake (it'll be a surprise if you find any apple in it) went down well even with Martin. 'That was okay,' he said. 'Not too sweet. You've almost got it right.' (He is so asking for a slap.) And Jim, who's very particular, gave me the thumbs-up, as did Freya Dog when I gave her the crumbs.

* * * * * * * *

Ah, yes, the bible study. A little disrupted. Just for a change. We've reached the bit where David finally becomes king of Israel. Will he go the way Saul went? Will he stop making mistakes? Is the pope Jewish?

After the reading and a bit of discussion Sean asked if anyone else had anything to add. Gerry, who'd just stumbled in, put up his hand. 'You're talking bollocks, Sean.' At least that's what I think he said; it was a little hard to decipher.

So, just another night at Zac's tribal gathering.


Jay said...

"Although he would have got more brownie points if he'd looked at my hair before saying it."

ROFL!! I know exactly what you mean, luv.

Aah, that handbook. Would likely save many a marriage, wouldn't it?

I made apple cake when the kids were small. It was good! You could have it hot with custard, or cold like normal cake - and Martin was right, it's not too sweet! Mmm. I must make that again sometime, when I get around to cooking again...

James Higham said...

You still run a Beetle? Wow.

James Higham said...

Forgive this OT promotion but please support Man in a Shed’s “Silly Week” next week. Logos are available at his site.

Dina ... UK said...

Your lucky, I got told this morning my hair looked a
It is windy outside and I have very fine hair it blows all over the place...:-)
I guess mine did get looked at...

nick said...

Even if I praise Jenny's new haircut half a dozen times, she's still unconvinced and thinks maybe I'm just trying to reassure her....

Furtheron said...

Where do you get this handbook? Probably too late for me now - if I started saying things like that it'll only rouse suspicion :-)

Liz said...

Apple cake, mmm, jay. Your boys would appreciate when visiting!

But of course, james. Two, in fact.
I tried Man in a Shed but the site crashed on me.

Having slept on mine my hair also looked a mess this morning, dina. In fact, i don't think I've brushed it yet ...

I know, nick. Men can't really win but you have to try if you love us!

It's never too late to change, furtheron!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Whjy did Steve spoil it by telling you he had the book? - Typical! Your apple surprise looked lovely in the photo.

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