Sunday, July 26, 2009

Me, the curtains and the wedding in a field

Silly pose is to show off the butterfly sleeves. And I've got a yellow daisy in my hair - but you can't see it. I'm not sure that anyone would want curtains made of out that though ... (Note: On seeing my dress first time, Husband commented that it'd make a good pair of curtains.)

Bride and groom, Ellie and James. The bride wore a beautiful long white dress - probably the most - or only - conventional thing about the wedding.
I helped prepare the buffet and was in charge of the cheese table on the day. Bad move to put a cheese lover in that position, especially one who's supposed to be dieting.

After the food came the dancing.

After several weeks of pretty bad weather it was a blessing to see the sun, and a wonderful time was had by all.


Mauigirl said...

Loved the pics you posted on Facebook too - this was a really nice wedding, looks like a great time!

Dina ... UK said...

You look lovely Liz, not at all like a pair of curtains in your paisley
The cheese table, yummy yummy.
The wedding looks full of fun and happiness....

p.s. I have posted a pic for you to see on my mono regarding toilet

Anonymous said...

What a refreshingly simple wedding. That gives me plenty of inspiration for ours. Beautiful pics and no you don't look like you are wearing curtains.

Akelamalu said...

Love the dress and that cheese table would be my idea of heaven, though I'm on a diet too!

What a beautifully simple wedding. :)

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Wow! It sure looks like it was a great wedding! My blessings to the bride and groom.

CherryPie said...

It looks like you had a fantastic time and you look very glam in that dress :-)

Lia said...

Looks like a grand time was had by all and even the weather played ball for the happy couple.
I loved your "curtain" dress, it's very pretty and you looked lovely in it. Husbands, can't live with them, can't bury them under the patio without arousing suspicion!
I hope the happy couple have many blessings.
much love,
Lia xx

jmb said...

Very suitably attired for a wedding in the field and a few other occasions I can think of.
I'm glad it was a happy occasion for all.

nick said...

Looks like a good time was had by all and the unconventional celebrations went down a treat. The teddy bear looks a bit lonely though. Did nobody ask him to dance?

Carver said...

That looks like my kind of wedding, fun and relaxed. I love the shot of you in your dress and the bride and groom look great. The food, mmmmmmmmm, I'll have some of everything.

Suburbia said...

That looks like a fab wedding! You look great in your dress (never ask a man about a dress!)

Leslie: said...

What a fun-looking wedding! Oh for good weather on my day next year. :D

MissKris said...

After meeting on a blind date and knowing each other only 5 months, Dear Hubby and I got married 'unconventionally', too. 35 years later we're still going to the beat of our own drummers. Here's hoping the newlyweds are equally blessed!

Gledwood said...

Auditioning for the National Tea Pouring Championships, Liz..?

jams o donnell said...

Very stylish Liz

MaryB said...

What fun! (Just how much cheese did you consume, BTW?)

mrsnesbitt said...

Oh the hubby comments! lol! You looked great!

Liz said...

THanks, mauigirl.

I've seen it, dina, thanks.

AS long as it doesn't rain, hulla!

Cheese should be good for diets, don't you think, akelamalu?!

THank you, nick.

THanks, cherryipe, lia and jmb.

His owner was dancing with her dad, nick. At one point I was partnert-less; if I'd noticed him - and not concentrated so hard on taking photos - I'd have given him a whirl.

Thanks, suburbia, leslie, carver, misskris.

I'm a little teapot, didn't you know, gledwood?!

THanks, jams.

Only the bits that dropped off other bits, mary. And a few chunks ...

THanks, denise.

Rose said...

I love your dress, Liz! Definitely not a pair of curtains:)

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