Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A close encounter

Yesterday, while walking through town, I got whacked on the nose by a pigeon.

At first I thought something had been thrown at me but then I saw the pigeon. A pigeon with poor navigational skills obviously. I assume it was the tip of his wing but it was surprisingly hard.

* * * * * * * * *

About three years ago we started looking at kitchens with the intention of changing ours, which is pretty tatty round the edges. And in the middles. Then Elder Son decided to get married so we put the kitchen off. Then it was the hall and the courtyard that took priority.

On Saturday Husband tried to repair the leaky kitchen sink. After a visit to B&Q to buy new washers, he discovered it wasn't the plug and pipe that were leaky: there is a huge crack across the sink basin.

So I suppose that means our kitchen revamp is going to be back on and sooner rather than later. And that means I have to make a decision about what style kitchen I want. I have some definites:
has to be easy to keep clean i.e. no fancy handles or whirly bits;
and - well, that's about it really.

I would like a pale colour scheme but that's totally impractical when we have a muddy dog and a slut for a housekeeper. But, if it were pale, would I be more scrupulous about cleaning?

I definitely don't want dark wood as the kitchen doesn't get a lot of light. And I don't want any of these shiny hard surfaces that show smears and finger-prints. And no glass because that shows the dust inside. (How does dust get inside cupboards?)

Thinking about it what I really want is a housekeeper.


Dina ... UK said...

So very funny...ha ha....
Why did the pigeon pick you?...lol
sounds like a scene from The Birds...lol

I think you need a house keeper too..lol
I agree whole heartedly with you on the subject...:-)

James Higham said...

A slut for a housekeeper

Are you entirely sure that's the correct epithet, Liz?

Liz said...

Why indeed, dina? I'm always nice to birds!

Slut (n), dirty, untidy woman. Yip, that's right.

Lindsay said...

I would like a cook!

Ole Phat Stu said...

With pigeons, it's usually a close encounter of the turd kind ;-)

Leslie: said...

I'm envious...I want a new kitchen, too! Even painting the oak cupboards white would be an improvement as there's not much light in my kitchen either. Hope you get what you want, you "slut"!! lol

Lia said...

I have always maintained that the one thing I lack in life is a wife, especially when the kids were small and I had to work long hours to keep them in shoes and Lego.

I once had a pigeon fly into the side of my car, it went with such a whack it left it's imprint on the car and knocked it's silly self out.
Glad your ok.
Much love Lia xx

CherryPie said...

Pigeons seem to be a little odd lately...

Today one just dropped down in front of my car as I was driving. It caused me to brake! Then I thought of the pigeons on the lampposts in Derby last weekend...

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