Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Strangely satisfying

Does anyone else find it strangely satisfying to unblock a sink with a plunger?

No? Just me then.

But at least a plunger has a use. I spotted a man with one of these machines as I drove past the university grounds on my way to the prison this afternoon. What is the point of them?!! Don't they just blow leaves around? And the wind does that quite well. Especially when it's as fierce as it was this afternoon. I had to check Betty's window wasn't open or the door not properly closed such was the gale whipping around my ears. Turned out to be just Betty's natural air conditioning i.e. a gap around the door.
But she wasn't a happy car. On the way home she stopped. For no reason. As I was driving along the main Swansea to Mumbles road in the rush hour. Fortunately we were just approaching the entrance to a car park so I was able to let her slide gently on to the pavement where I panicked and kicked myself for not carrying my mobile phone with me at all times.
Then, as mysteriously as she'd stopped, she started again.
We had another quick splutter before we got home but a less dramatic one. Still I don't think I'll take her to Zac's tonight. I don't fancy waiting in a cold car on a cold night for the breakdown men.


Anonymous said...

I don't understand those blowy things either. the only time I've really neeeded my phone was the one time I did'nt have it. DON'T FORGET YOUR PHONE!! I used to have an old mini which did things like stop and start...always an advantage going out in that car :0)

Anonymous said...

Perhaps your car was all clogged up with blown leaves? LOL!

Sorry. Couldn't resist ...

Liz Hinds said...

Repeat after you, amanda: I will always carry my phone in the car.

I didn't think of that, jay. Would explain a lot!

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