Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A firework display for those of us who have to keep dogs company tonight


George has been very good tonight. After an edgy start he slept peacefully by my side for the evening. The problem is that now it's time for bed and he should go out for a wee. But when we went outside he wouldn't leave my side long enough to wee. So I foresee at best an early morning call, at worst, a mid-night call.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Liz, that was super. Poor Dougal thinks that war has started outside. Hope George is okay.
Wendy (Wales)

Leslie: said...

Happy Guy Fawkes!

sally in norfolk said...

nice display and the only one i saw tonight :-( BTW you have been tagged

marLou said...

Lovely firework. My doggies get skittish too when they hear loud booms!

Rose said...

Wow, that woke me up, Liz! Hope George lets you sleep tonight:)

Thanks for the comments on the election. It's been interesting to see all the comments from bloggers outside of the US who have so far all had very favorable things to see about our new President. I'm not that old, but I do remember the days before the Civil Rights movement, and I vividly recall the sad day that Dr. King was assassinated. He must be smiling in heaven.
But besides the historic significance of this election, I believe Mr. Obama to be a man of integrity, something our country sorely needs. He has a monumental job ahead of him.

Lindsay said...

Signs of credit crunch. In our village (so far) there have been no fireworks at all compared with last year when we endured spasmodic bangs for about 10 days.

Chris said...

We here in Coventry had fireworks all night! Oh to be back in Welsh Wales!

Loved your blog, just realised having read throught it, I am now late for my slimming group meeting!Ah well I don't want to be told I have put on again.. going to make welsh cakes when I get back!

Dragonstar said...

That's the nicest way to enjoy fireworks!
Our two hated the noise of fireworks, and so did the cats. We don't have Guy Fawkes here - fireworks are at Hallowe'en instead, and it was very quiet this year.

Liz Hinds said...

I'm glad you all enjoyed!

Hope dougal is calm now, wendy.

And to you, leslie!

Oh, I'd better poop over then, sally!

marlou, I like the word 'skittish'!

Rose, until 5.30 anyway!

Lindsay, I've noticed that too. Far fewer private displays it seems.

welshcakes ... mmm, hope you didn't put on too much, always smiling!

It does all seem to have been generally quieter this year, dragonstar.

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