Tuesday, November 11, 2008

ABC Wednesday - Q

If you've visited my blog at all during ABC Wednesday Round 3 you'll know that I've been following a Beatles theme. Well, guess what? There isn't a song beginning with Q!

Last week on my blog, I asked for help with finding a punning title. People were great and came up with all sorts of suggestions for which I thank you. Some of my favourites:
aileni suggested photographing all my Beatles LPs and captioning it 'Queued, cued and segu├ęd';
stu came up with 'Queer Prudence';
from Runee, 'Quiet days a week;
dragonstar pointed out that the Beatles were a quadrumvirate;
suburbia offered a Beatles quiz;
deejay wondered if the Ballad of John and Yoko was sung in a Queen-sized bed;
and Gary and Jams both mentioned the Quarrymen, the 'original' Beatles.

Bear with me, this explanation will take some telling.

I did some research on the Quarrymen and discovered that, while a member of that band, John wrote a song, which was much later recorded by the Beatles. Its title was 'One after 909'. Kapow! Lightbulb flashes above head! I'll go and take a photo of a door numbered 910.

We have two very long roads in Swansea - but wouldn't you know it? On both of them, the section in which 910 should be is devoid of houses. Lightbulb goes out.

But hyde dp reminded me that some of the song titles were Questions. And this is where I went. Thank you for your patience in sticking with me. Although even now you may struggle to see the link ...)

From A Hard Day's Night (1964)
If I fell in love with you would you promise to be true,
And help me understand?

To take part in ABC Wednesday Round 3, go here.


Anonymous said...

I'm assuming this is to do with the sheep falling off rather than falling in 'love' with the sheep.... ;0)

Jane Hards Photography said...

That was brilliant how you gotthere. I did wonder, and rather than suggest somthing Beatles realted wanted to tune in to see what you had. It couldn't have worked out bettter. Wll done.

CherryPie said...

That would be one big fall!

Leslie: said...

This is an outstanding post - get it? *heh heh*

Anonymous said...

Woolly (sp) jumper....
its full moon i know this because kid3 is still awake (its 1.53) *yawn* I think i might resort to drugs -for me, not him!!

My blog is open so you should'nt have to sign in. Dave thingy! DAVE THINGY! Its Dave Grohl!!!! Matt Nathanson - look on youtube. Has he replaced Dave Grohl?? No, I'm just very greedy ;0)

Rose said...

Very clever suggestions from your fellow bloggers, especially remembering the Quarrymen! Every Wednesday when I come here I leave humming a tune...
But is that the backside of a sheep in the photo??

RuneE said...

Quite OK!

Anonymous said...

Ingenious, Liz. I hope you are not feeling sheepish.

Bear Naked said...

You are so very very clever in this post.

Bear((( )))

Miss_Yves said...

A quaint quiz!
And a great point of view on this photograph ...

Dragonstar said...

Very cleverly worked out - and I love that photo!

D Herrod said...

Very creative

Roger Owen Green said...

query qunny!

VP said...

That's a very clever way of keeping up with your Beatles theme Liz :)

Thanks for sharing your quince memories over at my place

Anonymous said...

You could have done something with 'Queue' perhaps. They caused a lot of those, everwhere they went! LOL!

Or maybe Q magazine. But I like your question.

I can't believe 910 was missing in both areas!

Unknown said...

I thought that perhaps you may have enjoyed the "Quake Rattle & Roll" suggestion better than the Queen sized bed one
Thanks for the mention and Oh by the way Happy Birthday - again you don't mind being reminded do you?

KML said...

Very clever indeed!

Gerald (Ackworth born) said...

Been away last week so only just got round to finding my way here. I didn't realize it was a sheep on a cliffside until I looked at the bigger picture - thought it was one of those standing-stones at first.
I've seen such sure-footed creatures on steep slopes all over the place - amazing how they keep their balance.

I'm glad my Q suggestion was useful.

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