Friday, August 10, 2018

Travels in Trumpland

Been watching Travels in Trumpland, a documentary presented by Ed Balls, former Labour MP and now media trollop, about the people who voted for Trump. The episode we watched yesterday was about making America safe again. (Each episode looks at an aspect from Trump's speech about making America proud, safe, etc again.)

In the one we watched yesterday Ed Balls travelled to Texas and spoke to members of the NRA. They are scary people. He attended a class in learning how to use a gun and the first thing the man leading it said was, 'Run away from trouble; let the police deal with it.' Sadly that was the only sensible thing he said.

Balls also visited Parkland School in Florida, the site of a mass shooting just before he began his trip. One of the placards outside the school read, 'You have a gun and a child. Which one would you rather lose?'

I suspect the NRA man who said, 'I'd kill if they tried to take away my gun,' would have to think for some time about that one.

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Sharon said...

Scary people! The outfits are a giveaway, but the ones in the suits are even scarier!