Saturday, July 07, 2018


Off to the French Alps today and our final camp site. We're in a village in a valley and Husband told Ms Sat Nav to take the shortest route to get here. Not the fastest but the shortest. So that meant instead of going around the mountain we went over it. At least there wasn't much traffic ...

Unfortunately she took him literally and took us straight through several small and windy town centres in order to save one hundred centimetres or so. That is wine-dy not win-dy by the way.

Still we got here in time to watch England play Sweden in the quarter finals.

The place, which incidentally is very beautiful, is swarming with cyclists. We're close to Huey - or something like that - which is a notorious section of the Tour de France plus a race happens here tomorrow. A 174 km hill race known as La Marmotte, one of the oldest and hardest sportives. Lots of cyclists will be leaving the site at 6.30 tomorrow morning to get to the start in time. Crazy people.

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