Thursday, July 05, 2018

A squid!

After enjoying swimming in the clear Mediterranean water of a rocky cove yesterday we decided to buy ourselves some snorkels today.

And I saw a squid! I was so excited I almost drowned!

Earlier today I looked at Tripadvisor for restaurants in Frejus. I found one I liked the look of - and so did Husband. He found a different one I mean. 

We set off and Husband said, "do you know where this restaurant is?"
"No. But it's on Rue Victor Hugo. I can put that into sat nav."
Which I did but according to her there was no such road.

So we went to the restaurant Husband had found - and he knew where it was - but it was full.

We finally ate in Autres Ray'Son. Starters was okay but my main course of lamb was delicious.
Frejus was looking very lovely in the evening light. 
As I have said it has changed so much. Become much more commercialised and developed but it was pleasant to join everyone else and wander between the eateries in the marina area. Fascinating people watching too.

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