Friday, June 16, 2017

De-cluttering we shall go ... again

Continuing de-cluttering with a sort out of the filing cabinet. Which meant going through - and discarding many - sheets of paper written in my scrawling hand, the output from numerous writing courses.

Some of the writing I've found I've cringed over; some of it I like; some of it I'm not even sure that I wrote. I know for a fact that Daughter wrote some of them. She has always been better than me.

One of the pieces I wrote I discovered was still on my computer so I've added it to my bits that are too long blog.

I also found my collection of writings from my Masters course along with the marking tutors' comments. I remembered how much one of the assessments made me want to spit! (She didn't like me.) One of her comments was valid though: I need to let go. In my writing she meant. That's still valid I suspect.

Also in the cabinet I found some drawings from when I went through a phase of drawing stuff. Copying not drawing. Well, of course, it was drawing but not original or from life.


S. J. Qualls said...

I need to do this - again. It seems that as soon as I let go of that excess baggage, I start another suitcase. My desk won't stay cleared. I like your drawings, I wish I could draw things that looked like something. Really.

Shirley Davis said...

It's the big advantage of moving so much -:decluttering along as we go. Er went...NOT doing it again. Like the drawings too.

Liz Hinds said...

I'm sitting at my desk looking around me wondering if I have actually done any decluttering, SJ.

Please don't move again, Shirl, you are filling my address book!