Monday, May 08, 2017

Would Jesus have played rugby?

I don't have time to blog much today because I've been too busy writing. And thinking about writing. And re-writing. 

The deadline for the next The Bay article is 15th of this month. As the next issue will be out just before the general election I thought I'd do something related but when I'd finished, although I liked it, I wasn't sure if it was appropriate for my piece. I emailed it to the editor for her consideration and she agreed: it wasn't right.

So it's been back to the drawing board today and a hurried re-think. Publication day will be around Whitsun so I considered - and rejected as boring -  the history and customs of pentecost/Whitsun. Then I asked Husband and Younger Son for ideas.
Husband: The Lions rugby tour.
YS: Would Jesus have played rugby or football? Discuss.

I didn't ask them for any more ideas.

I browsed through some of my old writing to see if there was anything I could rehash or ideas I could adapt. I have to say I was quite impressed: some of the writing I've done - at least I assume I've done it because I don't remember doing it - is quite good. But not right. 

But I've finally written something that I'm moderately happy with. It has its roots in some old writing but has taken a new turn. I'm not absolutely sure the turn isn't into a dead end so I'll leave it for now and go back with fresh eyes tomorrow. Let's just hope I don't hate it.


S. J. Qualls said...

Let's hope that it still looks good when seen in the clear light of morning. ;-)

Luna Crone said...

Sounds like pressure...... -sigh-