Sunday, May 28, 2017

The one about the Big Head and love locks

There is a promenade that runs from one end (our end) of Playa Blanca to the other end. Along the way we saw:
Freddy's cathouse although we didn't see Freddy;
a community of inuksuks, presided over by a Big Head;
(please tell me you - unlike Husband - can see the head)
an opportunity to keep fit - but not for long;
and no end of love locks.
On the way back through the marina we stopped for ice cream. For me not Husband as he resolutely refused it. He foolishly thought he knew best the way to the ice cream shop. I had to remind me that when it comes to ice cream I have a built-in sensor.


nick said...

Funny how love locks have become such a thing. I've seen them in so many different places. Sometimes the authorities make a feature of them, sometimes they hate them and find some excuse to get rid of them. I think they're rather pointless myself. After all, once you've deposited one, chances are you're away from home, and you'll go back home and never see it again. So why bother?

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

The head with the big nose ? Of course I can . Too polite to mention it , though .

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

I am with mike ..I see a stone on top of another. As for the love locks .. These aren't too bad as they are not vandalising history as they did in Paris and other cities. People have no respect. Just stop doing it. Where do the keys end up? Yep in the sea or the river. These are not love juat vandalism. .