Tuesday, January 10, 2017

George and the au pair

We were having our cup of tea in bed this morning when the phone rang. It was Uncle. 'When are you coming here? I need to see you both urgently.'

I looked at Husband. 'If he wants us to kill him we're not doing it!'

It wasn't really that urgent in the urgent sense of the word but he is increasingly anxious if left on his own for any length of time so we're having to come up with a rota of paid carers and volunteers. You forget how many hours there are in the day until you have to fill them with people.

However there was an article in his Daily Telegraph about au pairs now being given bed and board in return for looking after the elderly. Maybe he could have a glamorous French au pair - or even a Scandinavian who can do massage ... (without wishing to stereotype of course!)

Meanwhile George is unwell. 'What's the problem? asked the vet.
'Well, his eyes are red and ... he looks sad.'
'Is he lethargic?'
Didn't like to say it's hard to tell with George.

So we've got some eye drops to see if that helps with the prospect of a blood test looming if not. 

On the plus side, in spite of spending a large part of the last week sitting in Uncle's flat and eating chocolate, I discovered this morning that I'd lost 2lbs in weight. So that's the way forward for me. Forget this exercise and sensible eating malarkey, I'm going to become a chocolate-munching couch potato. 


SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Chocolate really is a Super Food , then . Excellent !

Rose said...

So sorry for the loss of your aunt, Liz. Your uncle is very lucky to have you to look after him; finding good caregivers for the elderly is not an easy task, not to mention expensive. I feel so sorry for those who have no family around to help out. And poor George--I do hope it's nothing serious and he feels better very soon!