Saturday, September 17, 2016

101 ways to serve a tromboncino (actually 3)

Nuora's father is a keen gardener and he gave us a tromboncino he'd grown to bring home with us. That's a funny-shaped squash to you and me.
So we started with squash soup.

Then it was smoked pancetta and squash risotto.

 And finally Moroccan mince stuffed squash.
Encouraged by the almost-success of my invention of apple and blackberry ripple cake I 'adapted' a recipe from a magazine. They were meant to be stuffed tomatoes but I figured the same principle would work for squash. But then the mince looked a bit boring the way they suggested so I added a few extras. And then because everything is improved with cheese I popped in a layer of cheese (left-over burger slices) under the sweet potato topping. 

I was hoping to serve it neatly sliced but it sort of fell apart when I tried to cut it but it still tasted jolly nice.

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SmitoniusAndSonata said...

The stuffed squash sounds delicious , definitely zippier than cottage pie .
That's definitely one of the best souvenirs yet ... much more useful than a stick of rock .