Monday, July 25, 2016

Could you/would you eat a chilli?

I don't have photos of Younger Son coming home or of Daughter in Race for Life but I do have plenty of the cook-out.

It was a beautiful day on Saturday for the chilli cook-out. The festival was teeming with people all enjoying a lovely day on Gower. Twelve competitors, each with their own tent and cooking equipment were gathered and, come 12 noon, the cooking began. This was Elder Son's first attempt at a cook-out competition - unlike most of the other entrants many of whom travelled around the country and had won various competitions.

Sunday saw a complete change in the weather. Actually in this photo it doesn't look as bad as it was. As we were driving there in the middle of the day you could only see the approaching cars by their headlights. We being Husband and me. Elder Son had set off the site at 6.30 in the morning to get prepared.
Glazing the chicken with barbecue sauce.
After a tense waiting time Elder Son took third place (out of three). But still got £50 and a bottle of prosecco. 

For the chilli comp the rules specified that you could decorate it but no points would be awarded. Not sure if that applied to the barbecue too but the winning entry was pretty spectacular.
Unlike Elder Son's. He had concentrated most on the chilli comp and hadn't really through either the cooking plan or the presentation. But taste was jolly good.

He is already planning what he has to do next year to improve his ranking.

One thing he won't be doing is entering the chilli eating competition. This was the starting line-up, each holding their first chilli, a jalapeno.
The chillis got progressively hotter and each one had to be chewed before being swallowed, seeds and all. I stayed until one boy had been sick, and two others had come very close to it before deciding this was really getting too obscene and left so I'm not sure who won but I know all would have suffered majorly later on. Can't really see that the fleeting glory would have been worth it.


Leslie: said...

Good for elder son for competing! Watch out world for next year's comp! And to answer your question, I would not - could not eat even the mild chilli peppers! LOL

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Brilliant , he obviously enjoys it !
And no , of course I wouldn't start snacking on chillis !!