Monday, June 27, 2016

Jan Collard RIP

I went to a funeral today. Or rather I stood outside the church, with many others, while the service was conducted because there was no room inside. 

It was for a woman I barely knew. Her name was Jan Collard and I'd only got to know her slightly over the last few years through Zac's and the work we were both doing to help pregnant women and families in need but she made enough of an impact on me for me to want to go along to show respect for who she was.

For many years she worked with homeless agencies and while most people do their work and go home Jan took her work home with her - literally. Her car boot and the car itself were often filled with goods she'd collected for this family or that individual.

Her death is a loss not only to the very many people she helped in one way or another but to the whole city of Swansea. We mourn the loss of a heart so big it couldn't be restrained by regulations, negativity or a can't-do attitude. Her practical love encompassed every race and faith and, at this time when much racist and bigoted abuse is being bandied about, the way she lived her life shows us an alternative way of thinking and acting.

Her death won't make the front page of the local newspaper but that doesn't mean that the gap she leaves behind won't be significant.

I pray her husband and family, friends and community, will find comfort in the knowledge that she was loved and will be missed by many.


Trubes said...

Lovely and kind tribute to an obviously caring lady.

Di xx

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

One determined , imaginative and caring woman can often achieve ten times more than Social Services who are bogged down in protocols .
She'll be missed .