Sunday, April 10, 2016

Why I'm posting about Vietnam

Sooooooooo I'm not feeling well. Day 4 of an upper respiratory tract viral infection, according to the doctor. Note the word 'viral', meaning no antibiotics. I probably went to see him too soon. If I'd waited I'm sure my throat would have obligingly gunged up - well, it did I am convinced. I've been proper poorly and feeling sorry for myself.

I blame the grandchildren and Daughter who've all suffered similarly recently. Before they moved back to Swansea I was never ill. Almost never. Now it's becoming a common occurrence. Not that I would have them move away again! I'm sure I'll build up my - now you see I can't remember the thing you have - hang on, I'll ask Husband - antibodies. (I remembered that; I confused Husband by saying it was an -ionic word.)

Virus has obviously affected my brain too. Or not.

I am such a whiner. I have a friend who has been in hospital for most of the last year and she grumbles less than me.

Two books read, two films watched and now I have a shelf full of unread books but can't choose one that is just right. So I think I'll take advantage of my enforced period of doing nothing and post some photos of our holiday in Vietnam. Last September. 

Previous posts you'll find here should you want to remind yourself of the hows and whys. Otherwise sit back and enjoy more of our wonderful adventure.

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SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Poor thing ... you don't sound at all well !
Yes , it takes a while to build up resistance to small children's fabulous range of snot-borne diseases . Still , once you've done it you're bullet proof for ages .
Definitely looking forward to more of your travel posts .