Thursday, March 24, 2016

I can now do a line dance - possibly

Tuesday tea-time I showered, washed my hair, dressed, put on make-up and left for Zac's. On arrival I was greeted with the words, 'Are you okay, Liz? you look a bit windblown.'

Thanks, Ric! That was me, at my best, making an effort. 

Then yesterday Daughter phoned.
'I was going to invite you for lunch on Easter Sunday,' she said, 'but then I thought we'd come to you instead.'
'But I'll bring pudding, okay?'
'Oh, okay.'

One of those weeks.

Women's group at lunchtime today was slightly not what I expected. We had a guest with a good story to tell so when time was getting on and I asked if the women wanted to do the bible study or carry on talking and they said carry on talking we did. Then we did some line dancing.

Then some army veterans turned up.

Then 'the man who's been banned from everywhere' turned up. He seems to like our women's group.

Then we shared bread and wine (hot cross bun and Ribena) and thanked God for the sacred time we had spent together.


Ole Phat Stu said...

OT: Liz, you might like these : J.K. Rowling's rejection slips :-

nick said...

Why was the man banned from everywhere? Did I miss something?