Tuesday, February 16, 2016

What? No honeycomb?

You'll notice that this blog is sub-titled 'The thoughts of me and my dog etc.' but you may have also noticed that George doesn't say much. I have come to the conclusion that he is less articulate than Harvey although it may be his age: he may still be in the bolshy teenager stage.

Why speak when you can stare sullenly? 'Of course I'm not speaking to you. What do you expect? you made me move off my rug.'

I'll try to get more contributions out of him - when he's in a better mood.

* * * * * * * * *

I was in a bad mood yesterday. Or rather I was downhearted. A setback we hadn't been expecting in our Zac's initiative. What I needed was ice cream.

Ice cream is always good but I was just a tad disappointed with this. I wanted apple crumble ice cream but the girl at the till said they didn't make it in winter. That would have been okay if I hadn't later seen it in the freezer selection.

My praline pecan was nice but the honeycomb ice cream I had with it didn't contain one tiny piece of honeycomb! Which, let's face it, isn't what you want. I think I may email Verdi's in fact.

Anyway, as my fitbit was reading less than 3,000 steps I decided I'd walk home, a distance of about two miles along the prom. Nuora joined me and the walk went so much faster with company. I shall miss them both very much.

And then I went to Thrive circuit training as well! (Which was a clever trick I played on myself telling myself I wouldn't go and then only deciding at the last moment so not giving myself time to be miserable in anticipation.) (I do enjoy exercising - after it's over. Just not the looking forward to it. Or the pain of doing it.)

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SmitoniusAndSonata said...

I can't believe anybody in their right mind actually looks forward to an exercise class !
The sheer relief at its being time to go home again is quite nice , though .