Thursday, November 05, 2015

Are you a pharisee or a prostitute?

Take a damp November night, a small stuffy room, thirty people, one child, one baby and two dogs and you have the perfect setting for a typical Zac's bible study.

Add a hint of aggression and offensiveness, and an underhum of continual noise, and somehow out of the chaos rough diamonds suddenly sparkle.

Just when you think an evening is going to be a waste of time someone unexpected says something moving and you understand better the parable of the two brothers, that Jesus uses to describe the different attitudes of the Pharisees, the law-keepers who knew it all in their heads but failed to let it reach their hearts, and the prostitutes, who acknowledged their sinfulness and so allowed God to deal with them.

And today in the women's group, although there were only four of us, we had a wonderful time of openness and honesty. Again the difference between head knowledge and heart actions were at the for as we acknowledged our need for God.

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