Thursday, November 12, 2015

63 today

63 today, I've got the key of the door, never been 63 before.

Although that's not strictly true as for much of my last year I thought was 63 so actually becoming 63 today is less of a burden. Not that birthday's are ever a burden. I love my birthday as my family will tell you. I have a tendency to get over-excited.

So my day started with a phone call and a rendition of Happy Birthday from GrandSon1 in Surrey. He was nearly as excited as me and told me of his plans for the cake he would make when we go for a pre-Christmas visit. 'With a chocolate sledge and a chocolate Father Christmas and chocolate reindeers,' I am looking forward to it!

Then it was breakfast in bed: as a special treat a Variety-sized box of Frosties with fresh passion fruit for starters. Then my cards and then Husband led me into the dining-room to open my 'surprise' present. (I knew what I was having but not exactly.) Here it is tastefully concealed in an old dog blanket.
And this is what was hidden inside.

I've had my food processor for thirty-something years and it's beginning to crack so I requested a replacement and after careful research i.e. a visit to the library to study Which reports, Husband ordered this. It looks very wonderful but I am a trifle nervous that my much-acclaimed (by others I should add) cake-making skills may belong to my food processor not to me and when I try to make cakes with my new mixer they may be a complete disaster! Watch this space.

Then it was off to Zac's for women's bible study. Six of us meant great discussion and honesty as we looked at the gospel of peace and what that means for us.

After our pasta bake lunch we ate strawberries and then Evelyn disappeared to return with a cake with candles. How lovely to have a cake not made by me! And super cards and presents too.

Dawn and I appear to be the only ones who took seriously the words 'now a funny face photo!'
Home to a lovely birthday tea, complete with jelly and Malteser cake made by Daughter (and GrandSon2). I am now full to the top of my ears and may struggle to squeeze in even one or two birthday chocolates.

But my birthday's not over yet. Tomorrow Husband is taking me to see The Lady in the Van and then cooking dinner for me. I am a very lucky bunny.

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Ole Phat Stu said...

Congratulations, but I still have an 8 year lead ;-)