Friday, September 25, 2015

The Perhentian Islands part 1

To begin at the beginning. 

Two years ago Younger Son and Nuora moved out to the Perhentian Islands off the north east corner of Malaysia in order to set up Blue Temple Conservation, a marine conservation project. For the last two years they've had volunteers living and working with them in their home in the fishing village on the small island as they've taught diving and tried to help tourists, divers and the locals understand how they can help to conserve the coral and marine life, upon which a chunk of the income, from tourism, now depends.

We decided against staying with them - something to do with the lack of proper toilets, hot water, and air conditioning - but from where we did stay, Tuna Bay Resort, we could see their village across the sea and it was about a 5 minute ride in the taxi.
The islands are basically two large lumps of rock covered in jungle forestation with one village and a few beach resorts scattered around the edge. There are no roads so the only traffic is the very occasional scooter and the many water taxis.
That's the village you can see opposite with its brand new mosque on the outskirts.
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The home of Blue Temple Conservation
On the street where they live

A granny's a granny wherever she is

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