Sunday, August 16, 2015

Pride and talking too much

George agreed with me.
'Yes, you did that okay. Do it like that and you'll be fine.'

While we'd been walking through the woods I'd been practising what I was planning on saying when leading bible study in Zac's that evening, and I came home feeling confident and pleased with myself. Which should have been an alert in itself.

Problem 1
The printer wasn't working so I couldn't print out my pages of notes. That wasn't a problem for practising as it didn't matter if I got things in the wrong order; it would be a problem when it came to the real thing.

Husband came up with a solution. 'Use your tablet.'
'I know my happy pill works wonders but I don't think I could get many notes on it.'
'No, your Android tablet,' he explained patiently.
'Oh, like Steve does! Oh, yes, I could do that. I could be a super-techy whizz kid!' (Again I should have heeded the warning sign.)

Problem 2
I would like to blame technology, say it was all the fault of my tablet, but you and I both know that really it was the fault of the user.

My tablet is set to switch itself off if not used for a specific time, in its case, a very short specific time. I keep saying I should find out how to reset it but never seem to get round to it. Hence each time I glanced down at my notes on my tablet while leading bible study I was faced with a blank screen. 

I ended up having to keep wiggling my finger on the screen to stop it shutting down. And while doing that I managed to bring up the keyboard - and couldn't make it disappear again - so my actual view of my notes was one line.

So I was just a little distracted. Also I'd had what I thought was a good idea, to do things a little differently. That didn't work either.

You can understand why they say pride comes before a fall.

P.S. Gary interrupted one regular who was speaking, grumbling that he was going on for too long. 'You're worse than Liz,' he said.
Must be the first time I've been accused of talking too much.


Leslie: said...

I'm seriously thinking of getting a tablet instead of a new laptop because my sister just got one and showed it to me. It's amazing. I can even crop and touch up my photos on it! And it'd be a lot lighter to carry around on my travels than my heavy Canon EOS Rebel T4i, which was great 3 years ago, but now technology has surpassed it already! You'll get the hang of yours, I'm sure.

Trubes said...

how mean to say you talk too much liz, I enjoy your 'stuff'
I'm thinking about getting a table, my daughter has one with a detachable,
keyboard. Her husband is into technology as it's his business, so I shall
turn to him for advice !

love Di. xx

Liz Hinds said...

I'm banking on it, leslie, otherwise I'll be scuppered for reading!

Mine has its own keyboard, Di. They're very light and simple (in theory!)