Sunday, June 07, 2015

Two recommendations

During this last week we finished season 7 of Big Bang Theory, season 3 of Stella, and Grace and Frankie. I think season 8 of BBT is available but not cheaply yet. Stella was okay but not as good as the two previous series, and there's only one series (so far) of G&F, meaning we spent what felt like several hours searching Netflix for something to watch that we'd both like.

We ended up here.
And a very enjoyable - if mouthwateringly-tempting - evening it was. Chef's a gentle film about a man pursuing his dream and finding himself and his family on the way. ****

Bookwise I seem to be having some success in choosing random books. In Songs of Triumphant Love  Terri, a famous opera singer, has to undergo throat surgery that leaves her not knowing if she'll be able to sing again. The story gets fairly complicated involving her relationships with her daughter, her sometime lover, an award-winning Bosnian refugee author, and her daughter's boyfriend, a soldier, wounded on duty. I'll give this 4* too. The only reason it's not 5 is down to my confusion resulting from my lack of knowledge about the Bosnian war and the geography of that region.

Incidentally I loved Grace and Frankie, the series about two women in their seventies proving that it's still possible to enjoy life, have fun and even have sex at that age. Admittedly I've never met a 70-year-old that looked like Jane Fonda, but what can I say? She's a goddess.

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