Friday, March 06, 2015

A mini dliemma

We've had Mini just over 5 years now and she's beginning to rattle a little so Husband has decided it's time to buy a new car. Actually he decided this at least 6 months ago and has been researching, pondering and contemplating ever since.

So last week he dragged me with him to see the choices he'd narrowed it down to: a sensible granny car or another mini.

Now with Daughter and family having moved back to Swansea and expecting a new arrival in April it means we'll likely be needing to transport 3 children on occasion. Not to mention 2 dogs. So a sensible-granny car is the best option.

He took me first to the Mini dealer where my head was instantly turned as we walked into the showroom.
'Oh, yes,' I exclaimed over an even more impractical than usual convertible mini in red. Husband patted my hand and led me away in other directions.

The countryman would meet all our needs but didn't look like a mini. 'Can't we have another clubman?' I asked.
Husband shook his head. 'They stopped making them 18 months ago.'

We peered and sat in the new 5-door models.
'It's okay,' I said, 'but I really like my little secret half door; can't we get one with that in?'
'They stopped making those 18 months ago.'

Then he took me to a Ford dealer where we looked at B and C-max cars. 
'Ooh, there's lots of room in this, and look at all the space George would have in the boot. Ooh and it's got a special slidy door!'

So we're getting a mini.


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Well I don't drive so it will have to be the bus or a train :-)

nick said...

A good job husband is so clued up on all the available options! My Renault Clio is now 16 years old and still going strong. But then it's only done 63,000 miles. I daresay your Mini has done quite a mileage with all those trips to relatives.

Liz Hinds said...

We would be stuck without a car I'm afraid, anne.

It certainly has, Nick. And Mini has been very good fuel consumption wise.