Saturday, January 17, 2015

A fishy soup to be in

I've been trying out a few new recipes this week. I say a few; I mean two.

Yesterday as we had a surplus of rather sad-looking vegetables I made root vegetable and lentil soup. I think it could probably have done with a few more minutes cooking as the lentils, even though they were whizzed, were still in evidence. But I served it with cheese scones that I've made numerous times before and every time they amaze me. They have a very high cheese content and you'd think that would make them stodgy but they're invariably the lightest and fluffiest scones you could wish for. I followed that up with baked pears and cream (as they were selling off a packet of only-just-in-date pears in Sainsburys, reduced from £2.25 to 69p - how could I ignore them?)

Today it was a recipe from the Sainsburys magazine I attempted: prawn and coconut soup. 

Mine doesn't look exactly the same as the picture in the magazine but tasted yummy nevertheless. But salty. I shall be drinking water all night long.

Tomorrow it's back to boring roast chicken but tonight it's raspberries and cream and The Bucket List, number 3 for us to watch in my series of Christmas present dvds.


SmitoniusAndSonata said...

That soup looks so good !
In fact it all sounds delicious and it's your fault that I've just had to eat two digestive biscuits .

Liz Hinds said...

sorry about that, sonata!

Katney said...

Bucket List--great movie choice. I will have to put it on our list to see again.

My lentil soup always has lentils in evidence.

And as I said previously, yum.